One of Australia’s leading solar energy providers, Net Zero Co. proudly provides the power of sun at your residential home or commercial space.


Net Zero Co. is a full-service energy consulting firm. After your initial call, our skilled professionals can understand your needs and work on designing and installing a solar energy system as explained below:

At Net Zero Co, we send friendly sales technicians to visit your home or company to conduct acomprehensive energy audit. Once the area’s energy usage and expenditure is analysed, theteam works on devising a system that is customised to cater specific electricity needs.
After the sales contract is approved by the client, experts at Net Zero Co. begin to craft a final layout and electrical design that provides the client with the optimal solar energy system for the house/company’s energy needs

After approval of design, we’ll book an installation date! Once complete, we’ll then test yoursystem to ensure it works perfectly and conduct final inspections.