Providing the best solar installations across Australia.


Net Zero Co. offers the following range of solar panels from premium brands with economical prices and adequate warranties:

Solar Panels

Net Zero Co. offers the following range of solar panels from premium brands:


Seraphim Solar panels have a vast variety of modules appropriate for different system types. These can be used for residential and commercial purposes. The solar panels have ensured cells which promise quality performance and long-lasting reliability.


QCell Solar Panels are based on PERC technology (Passivated emitter rear cell). They are suitable for homeowners who want to shift to solar power sources.


LG Solar panels are of extremely good quality and have a high efficiency conversion rate. The range of these solar panels can vary, depending upon residential and commercial applications.


Sun-power solar panels have one of the highest efficiency rates. These are high-wattage panels which can provide more power from fewer roof panels.


Inverters are used to convert the DC current from photovoltaic cells into AC current which can be fed into electric grid. Net Zero Co. offers the following range of inverters:

SMA Inverters

SMA Inverters are available for all modules depending upon applications ranging from small houses to big commercial systems.

ABB Inverters

ABB inverters are known to have low life cycle costs. They function reliably even in challenging conditions. These are best for customers who can to efficiently use energy.

Fronius Inverters

Fronius inverters are available in different power categories suitable for small scale houses to commercial scale systems. They are efficient and dependable for any system size.

Solar Edge Inverters

Solar edge inverters focus on amplifying power generation while keeping the energy expenses of solar systems as low as possible.

Huawei Inverters

Huawei inverters can yield sufficient power by optimising each panel performance. They are also easy to install.


Sonnen Battery

Sonnen battery has a smart storage system that also regulates energy utilisation of residential solar systems. These are economical and long-lasting.

LG Chem Batteries

LG Chem Batteries are great for energy storage. These are good quality batteries that are durable for a long time.