Contact Net Zero Co for your solar energy and inverter solutions.


Net Zero Co. can provide you with the optimal solar system specifically suited to your home or office. Choose from one of our packages below:


Investing in a solar PV is a good place to start if you’re thinking of switching to renewable resources. This is a great way to reduce your monthly electricity costs.

Solar + Battery

You can invest in this cost-efficient package to install a battery along with a solar energy system, which allows you to store surplus energy produced by solar cells, which you can then use at a later date.

Battery only

If your house is already equipped with a solar energy system and you want to optimise your electricity needs by storing extra energy, you can install a battery which enables you to draw less power from the grid at night time.


VRF which is variable refrigerant flow is an HVAC technology. It connects indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This technology is popular for being power efficient and another option we can explore for your property.