Our installation team executes all solar installations without any delays and disruptions.


Net Zero Co. is an Australian owned and operated company that focuses on providing renewable energy services and products. Our mission is to make every Australian customer carbon neutral, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of non-renewable energy sources by installing solar energy solutions for both houses and companies.          

We ensure that we deliver the highest quality products and services to propagate the responsible use of solar energy. We work towards bringing clean, renewable energy into homes and businesses. No matter our customers needs, we are happy to help them with our technical sales staff. From conceptualisation, to design, to installation, we offer assistance through every step along the way.


Jacob Webber

Jasper Fox

Jordan Smith

Customer Review

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Diane Rose

“I have found Net Zero Co. consultant team to be professional and greatly supportive to the needs of clients. I have received first-rate consulting and admirable technical sustenance.”

John Haley

“The design of the solar panel system was exceptional. The team completed the installation with in the given time with no issues.”

Dean Ambrose

“It has been 18 months since Net Zero Co. installed solar system in my house. There have been no problems with their products and services and very little maintenance was required.”