Net Zero Co. is an Australian owned and operated company. Our mission is to contribute to helping Australian’s become carbon neutral, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy sources by installing solar energy solutions for both residential houses and commercial spaces.



Net Zero Co.

is a full-service energy consulting firm.

After your initial call, our skilled professionals can understand your needs and work on designing and installing a solar energy system.


Whether you’re in need of a system for residential, commercial or another type of space, we will work with you to deliver a tailored solar experience, proudly providing the power of sun to all.


At Net Zero Co. there is no set method when it comes to collaborating with our valued clients. With integrity and quality at the forefront, we are committed to exceptional service from start to finish.


A friendly technician from Net Zero Co. will visit your home, company or exclusive space to undertake a comprehensive energy audit. Our audit will determine your energy usage and expenditure, allowing our team to devise a system to accommodate to your specific electricity needs. Rest assured, our approachable team will always openly communicate with you to ensure you understand the process in its entirety.


Our design process allows us to put our clients and their needs first, to provide a customised product each and every time. Once a sales contract is accepted, the friendly experts at Net Zero Co. will begin to craft an electrical design that caters to your individual energy requirements. Our holistic and honest approach will allow for an impressive solar system and an even more impressive customer experience.


Following approval of your design and working with your availability, we will book an installation date for your new solar system. Once the installation is complete, we will test your system to ensure it works seamlessly. Our supportive team will also conduct all final inspections to guarantee you are left with a reliable product and a committed service. Integrity is at the core of our day-to-day business, allowing Net Zero Co. to put in 100% to exceed your solar energy expectations.


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